• i can download things from the playstation store but i can't update games to play online. it always says an error occured during the download operation.
  • Sounds like you may need to check your port forwarding- some of the info may be getting blocked by your router.
  • This sounds like a router problem to me. Many people aren't aware that MOST newer routers have a safety feature very much akin to a computer Firewall that will actually block incoming traffic.

    Read through the documentation that came with your router and there should be a section that discusses how to either over-ride this feature or to add exceptions...there-again, very much like your computers' firewall. With the router, it is more port-specific however.

    There are also some ISP's that have this feature (AT&T in certain regions being one) that will, on occasion, require you to log in to your user account and set your own personalized settings. You will have to click on several "warning" messages before being allowed to do so however.