Brave Fencer Musashi (PSOne) cheat
  • Please help me finish this devil game! I'm stuck with this game!! Thank you for answering my question.
  • Let us know where specifically in the game you are stuck and we should be able to lend a hand.
  • In the part when I must find the dog, Leno.
  • Ok- well, if macho is still blocking your way to keep you from getting in head to the southern Somnolent Forest. You'll find a Bincho Field and hawker Steakwood trapped inside it. Free him and assimilate the Bincho field. You'll find some others to free up here. Once you have done all you can in the forest go talk to Guard Lumpwood and he'll let you enter the mountain.

    Take the left path to get to a pond with a lilypad you can jump on to to cross- there's a King Maneater on th other side, though. You'll need to assimilate the Shrink skill from a magician to get past it. Once you do this you'll find Leno on the island with the bone on it. You'll have to pick him up and carry him back (making it impossible to jump). When you get to the areas where you have to jump you'll need to toss him over then jump to him. Once back in the village he'll run off and you can go talk to the mayor.
  • But I didn't find the dog on the island. And who's the mayor? Where I can find him?
  • The Mayor is in the house with the weather vane on top of it. He's the one that told you about Leno, the dog, going missing. Keep looking around on that island, Leno is on there.
  • Ok, thank you for your guide.
    But I have a question again, is it true if I (or Ryu) join with Fou-Lu in bof4 at the end of game, I can't create a new game file?