Can I transfer game saves
  • how can I transfer a game save from my PC to my PS2 memory card?
  • Most game saves found on web sites are "zipped" using one of several devices like the pro action replay. If you do not have the device they used then the save is essentially worthless.
  • actually didn't download it. it was a game save that I had on a friends machine when I as back in Oregon. I am now in connecticut and have the game save on a USB drive that I would like to get off so I can continue my game instead of starting all over. Lots of time on the game. someone said something about a Ulaunchelf or something like that but I'm not sure how to do this.
  • never heard of a "Ulaunchelf" but you should be able to copy the save over just like you got it to the USB drive. Plug it into the USB port then fire up the system with no game then go to the memory card utility. You should be able to get it copied from the drive to your memory card from here.