• Hey guys, im on the edge of getting a hammer and smashing my playstation. Im at the last dungeon of Alundra 2. Ive gotten so frustrated with this game that ive been using a walkthrough for the last parts.

    There is one room where im now STUCK in. I cant leave. My save is far away at the begining of the dungeon i think, and i really dont wanna redo all the puzzles again to get where i am... Its right after where you meet the Baron dude and pirate team, and he sends you in to this monster dungeon of frustration.

    I will try and explain what room i am in now. This is what walkthrough tells me, and really... what a horrible description of how to do this puzzle:

    ´´The next puzzle borders on outright frustration. Here, you have to ride
    the moving platform, block the fireballs, grab the crate, bring it to
    the other platform, use it to grab the barrel, toss the barrel onto the
    moving platform, toss the crate onto the platform and then jump on the
    platform yourself, all while the platform is still moving forwards. The
    time frame is ridiculously short, and you'll still have fireballs that
    can knock you off easily, making this very difficult. But practice and
    persevere, and it can be done. At the end, use the crate and barrel as
    stepping stones up. Hit the switch and jump into the hole. Beyond this
    is a safe room (about time!).´´

    this is the link to the walkthrough! Search parts of this text if its hard to understand what area and stage of the game im at : Alundra 2 FAQ/Walkthrough v3.0 - JNg - hosted by Neoseeker

    he says that there is a CRATE.. But right now I am only seeing a BARREL in the room. I can throw it around on the platforms but the barrel is TOO HIGH to jump on! WHERE IS THE CRATE!? THERE IS NO CRATE! And ive been blocking the fire things with the barrel shooting out of the wall but NOTHING happens. Also there is only 1 BARREL and no more seems to spawn.

    Is this a bug? Cause i might cry and never ever touch this game again.

    Pleasseee try and remember this room if you can cause im about to give up.

    thank you in advance