• Greetings All AT The Forum........please could someone help me out with Ratchet n Clank. I must be thick but i cant get across to the other part of the saw mills to race in the hover race.i have the board but cant jump or fly across.i guess i need a jetpack.where is it??? going outa my head right now so..........help.
  • Are you sure you are in the right place? You go in the hoverboard race in Planet Rilgar - Blackwater City.
    You get to the race part by riding up a steam vent A tank is patrolling the ledge, so you'll have to deal with that. Equip a ranged weapon and hit it until it's gone, then hop off and use your Blaster to deal with the tank in the next room. Run in and collect everything from the crates within, then exit the room and ride the elevator. Clear out the area, including the caged robots in the corner, then speak to the alien girl in the middle. When you're ready, enter the race. I'm just quoting from the Ratchet and Clank guide at Please do not supply links to other gaming sites - read the rules but I have completed the hoverboard race and it was quite alot of fun. Hope I'm not totally talking about a different part of the game. I'm sorry if this is no help at all.
  • There are only 2 places to hoverboard race in the game-BlackWater City on Rilgar (as Wedgewood mentioned) and on Kalebo III, home of Gadgetron. Sounds like you are on planet Eudora-there's no hoverboarding there ( but you do get to play with the Swingshot a bit when you go through the door behind the pad your ship landed on).[
  • thanks to both of you for your help.........as to the hover race ,i havent got to planet rilgar so i guess i am in the wrong place.i am indeed on planet eudora.there is a door close to the vendors spot that i cant open.....on the map it looks like there is something behind it but as yet i am unable to open it.i opened a door to a building using a laser tresspass key but didnt find much behind it.did i miss something?....dont laff but i guess at 44 you`d think i would be into darts or footie rather than ps2 !!!! but i am really hooked on ratchet and also stitch.two classic games.i live in england so do either of you know if i can get the ratchet walkthru` book over here?
    thanx very much.........keep gaming....regards
    stu. :P :P
    ps.....i have seen a kinda pushdown plunger like switch in some places in and around the game.are these operable.if so with wot?
  • Push down plunger? Those sound like the spots to use the HydroDisplacer.

    Use the Trespasser to open the door in the building behind the landing pad to go through a small obstacle course which lets you make use a bit of your Swingshot and the helipack.At the end you meet with the Lieutenant (who will leave his InfoBot behind).One more quick tip-bring out the blaster and shoot down 10 of the ships flying around,that is one of the skill points that can be collected. B)

    This is indeed a great game-made it to the end just last night and going to replay through again. Amazing how quickly the time can seem to go when playing this one! :) Not sure about the player guide but one would think it would be by now (although it's much more fun to figure these things out on your own ;) ).