• Hello guys, i have a problem

    about a year ago, i bought my PS3 and tried connecting it to the internet, didnt work so i gave up. Now a couple a months ago my computer broke and so i left it at the place where it gets fixed. then i decide out of pure boredom, to try to connect it to the internet. it worked right when i put the wire in there, but now that i got my computer back, it doesnt work anymore. i always thought it was an IP kinda thing but i really dont understand. Can anyone help me?
  • You are running into an IP address conflict. Only one device can be assigned a certain IP address at a time- if you have the same one for your PC and the PS3 you cannot have both online at the same time.

    Now, if you are simply switching the cable back and forth between the two simply unplugging the power to the modem before you swap the ethernet cable will fix it. However, if you want both online at the same time get a router and have it handle alloting an IP address to everything going online.