Can't Seem To Earn Enough Gi To Buy Yojimbo
  • Can somebody tell me how to get easy money in Fianl Fantasy 10?????? :( :wacko:
  • Get a weapon or armor with the gillionaire ability and go into the Omega Ruins. Then keep fighting and eventually you will come across a lizard and a treasure chest(open the chest with not mug). When you open the chest you will either get an item or there will be an explosion and you'll fight a Mime. You will get over 100k gil for these battles. You have most of these battles near the entrance to the Omega Ruins so run around and before you know it you'll be a rich man.....I guess i should ask if you have the airship yet....If you do then you can get to the Omega Ruins and if you don't know it's location yet then ask and i'll post you the location. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.