Blue PSP 2001 Scanline Error
  • Hi! So, I got one of the limited edition blue PSPs. I picked it up on black friday from a woman outside of gamestop. There wasn't a receipt with it, but I offered cash on the condition that I was able to inspect everything first. And, well, everything was fine.

    Along comes new Years, everything has been working fine and I love the PSP. When I took it to a party, and modded it. Everything was going fine, and I set it down while out adventuring for breakfast at 2am. When I returned and turned on the PSP, after about five minutes of use, scan lines started appearing all over the screen and garbling the video. With video fading away, and hoping to prevent bricking, I reflashed the original latest firmware onto the PSP. I thought it was dead then, as I had a black screen, but sound coming on. Two reboots later, and not even that much.

    I then took the PSP to a professional repair shop (Starland), who claimed they had never seen anything like it before. After a week, they returned it with no charge, not being able to find a thing wrong with it.

    Yesterday, holding out against luck, I put it back on it's charger, and it turned on. Everything was working, music was fine, video was fine, it even read the memory card without problem...until about ten minutes later when the screen garbling happened again.

    So, now I can turn it on, and get a short bit of play out of it before it garbles (Only the video, sound works fine), and the version from the menu claims it's 2.6, not pandora. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


    A) I don't have the receipt, even though the system HAS to be under the 1 year marker, since the blue limited editions have only been out since early November.

    B) The way I got it, and the quality of the system were good for a long while. I suspect the party I was at may have had something happen while I left it unattended for nearly an hour. (It was safe so I thought on a table.)

    C) The system 'works' fine now for awhile, it's only after a period of time before it bugs out again.

  • Quite honestly, Nuwisha, there isn't much we can do to help you out. The fact she was selling it without a receipt outside of the Gamestop should have raised a red flag in your mind that either there was something wrong with it or it may have been stolen. They may have checked it out in the Gamestop and refused to buy it because it wasn't functioning properly in some way. Even if you did have the receipt your modding would have voided that warranty.

    Also, we are not supportive of the modding/ homebrew scene here- Sony designed the thing to be used as is plus certain mods/ apps allow the use of pirated games, which we are very much against. Finally, NEVER leave something like this sitting in the open at a party- that's just asking for someone to steal it/ do something to it. It's possible someone's drink may have spilled nearby and some got inside the PSP.
  • 1) ...of the Gamestop should have raised a red flag...

    I must say, that being able to inspect the unopened package first hand to ensure all the components were there, makes it multiple times better then Ebay. Remember, the thing worked for months. Don't be so quick to believe people are so bad.

    2) ...not supportive of the modding...

    This is more then fine, but I wanted to give a detailed history of what had happened. As far as the system should see, it still contains the latest firmware from sony.

    3) ...NEVER leave something ...

    Since this was a party with only about ten people, all of them were friends, this was felt to be safe.

    I think you've honestly missed the point. In your quest to charge around and try to proclaim how to keep the system safe, you've disregarded entirely the last question. What would be wrong with the system that starts fine, but only degrades after some random X time.

    Thank you anyways for your time.