MLB 09 Road to the Show- Automatatic shutdown?
  • Hi all...any help would be appreicated. I am in the 4th season of the road to the show and for some reason every time I go to Sim to next appearence my PS3 shuts down at the same spot. Any idea how to get around this?

    Thanks all!
  • which ps3 u have
  • The PS3 version shouldn't matter. I think you are running into a bug of the game, Rod. You may want to try going through without doing the sim to next appearance.
  • Thanks for the replies...I am not sure of the exact version but it is the PS3 60 GB...I believe it came was a motostorm promotion when I bought it last year.

    That is what I was afraid of Lyndon. Unfortunately there is no option to move forward that isn't sim to next appearance in the road to the show. Even if I try to pick a date far in the future I get stuck at the same date and it shuts down.
  • have the same problem you have rod, im in my 3rd season, and i cant get past september 13th 2011.. i tried sim next appearence, sim to date, sim season, and it shutsdown at that date..

    its really frustrating, and so annoying to start over especially if i know it might get stuck again..

    ....i was doing so well.. was going for mvp, silver slugger, hank aaron award

    what a shame..