Pro evo online help
  • Hey Guys,im new to this site,seems just what im looking for though.

    I just bought a ps3 yesterday(about time i guess) mainly for playing Pro Evolution 2009 online.I can connect to the ps3 network ok but i cannot connect to the network on the pro evo main screen.
    When i try and go online with pro evo it does not work. it says unable to to transmit using udp port 5730. it says i can reconfigure my router settings etc, assign dmz, port mapping, configure nat table and other router settings to playstaion 3

    Now when i go to my router settings,i have an Zyxel prestige 600 series btw,i go into nat menu and enter 5730 as a port but i dont see an option for using TCP or UDP,i cant find it,or does it matter?
    Also when i use the portchecker it tells me the port is closed.


    Can someone please tell me the steps i need to take to get this working.I know this question has been asked many times and im sorry,ive looked over old threads but still i cant get it working..

    P.S. This is my first time trying to hyperlink a picture of my router,sorry if i didnt do it right,i can email it if that would be help to anyone.

    Thanks very Much
  • From what info I can gather for the model of router you are using it selects the type automatically so you don't need to worry about that bit. You've done it right in your router settings- you should also add the ports I list in the pinned thread at the top as well, however. Also, there is a menu setting in the Pro Evo game itself that has to be on for port forwarding.
  • Thanks for the reply Lyndon,

    Ive put all those port numbers in and i have been into the settings in the game itself and still no joy.Also when i do a port test it says none of my ports are open.

    Any ideas?
  • I just downloaded a proper port checker and its telling me that all ports are good,they are open?How can i not connect if ports are open and i have set it up aswel in the actual game?
  • Not sure what may be going on there. You may want to try giving the router and modem a power cycle to see if this helps. There should be no reason for things to not connect unless Konami's having problems on their end.