PLAYSTATION 2 slim line central station NEED HELP
    i have a ps2 slim line with the game ratchet gladiator (ratchet deadlocked if ur not farmiliar with gladiator) and i would really really loooove to play online with friends! BUT i hav a problem! i have the ethernet cord in the back and everything is all good so i go to the game and go multiplayer, online play and create a network configuration and select it, it says connecting... and the says DNAS authenticating and works then comes to the logg in screen. where i choose create a new account.i leave my server as europe even though i live in australia because if i choose australia as server it just comes up network error has occured. so i leave on europe and create my own handle and password and then i select my new profle and it says.. connecting.. logging in.... and then a window pops up saying the central station handle is not registered with this password.. but even have my handle as swehfio734yf78 it still does the same thing. some people say i need the playstation 2 network access disk but my firends got online without it. and i cant get a hold of the disk anyways there none on ebay or anything. it might have something to do with me not registering my console with central station or not registering it for online gaming. PLEASE HELP if u have any solutions
  • Yes, you do need to register with Central Station using the code that came with your PS2 and set up a user name there to get yourself online.
  • i never got a code or a disk any help on how i can get them???
  • Best bet would be to contact Sony's Australian customer service, they should be able to lend you a hand. This form will fire an e-mail directly to them or you should be able to find the number in the manual.
  • ok thanx bro u helped me alot
  • i know how you feel cause the same thing is happining to me

    can you tell me how to get on the central station thing because i have two games now that i cant play socom and killzone 1
  • Reyno, the site for Central Station is at Official PlayStation website: Country Selector . Head there to register the code that came with your system. If you don't have the code then use the form I linked to up above to contact Sony regarding getting a replacement.
  • thanks for that greatly appreciated (Y)