Sign Of The Times
  • I hope not to offend anyone.

    Three guys walk into a church, there's a priest, a pedophile and a homosexual.

    Then there's the other two guys.

    Think about it, I thought it was clever. B)
  • :lol: HAHAHHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! Ooooooohhhhhh man, you've really hit some nails on the head with that one!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! :lol: Very very clever indeed!!! B)

    (although I'll have to admit, it took me a minute to 'get' it!)
  • That is hilarious! :lol: I agree that is really clever! Took a couple seconds to click but when it did :lol:
  • Ok, scratch anything you may have just read, after much of my brain hurting, it has finnaly been explained to me by Suze, not the first time a joke has needed explaining, I'm so ashamed, sniff.

    Anyways, that's a great joke and it's hilarious!
  • WooHoo!! That's a keeper! Nicely done, JDM1108.