• This is stupid, I just wanted to see if anyone else has heard this.

    You're stuck in a 10x10 room. There are no doors or windows. The roof, floors and walls are solid concrete. The only thing in the room with you is a chair. How do you get out? <_<
  • I for one would like to know how I got in!!
  • Good point, let's just play hypothetical shall we. :lol:
  • i say go out of the window. couse you dident say anything about a window! :lol: ;) :(
  • Mikey, he did say there are no doors or windows...... so I'd climb up onto the chair and out the ventilation shaft..... there has to be ventilation, doesn't there!?!? :blink: Please don't let me suffocate in here, I'LL DIE!!!! :o :lol:
  • Originally posted by jdm1108@Jan 7 2003, 12:17 PM
    a 10x10 room. There are no doors or windows. The roof, [b]floors and walls are solid concrete. The only thing in the room with you is a chair. How do you get out?[/b]

    Why is there several floors but only one roof?
    One would think that the chair might be part of teh solution but it might as well be a decoy to keep me from noticing that there are only 3 walls or something like that. :huh:
  • I think I have it, there is a space between the walls
    and the floor?
  • there is a space between the walls
    and the floor[/b]

    You don't say :o yes that makes sence!
    There wouldn't be much of a room if there wasn't any space in the cube!!! :lol:
  • You're stuck in a 10x10 room[/b]

    If I were to be somewhat pedantic, I would point out that a 10 x 10 room is still only 2-dimensional in area. I myself am 3-dimensional in area and thus could not possibly be in the room in the first place. Therefore the puzzle is irrelevant.

    Obviously I would never do that though :D
  • How big is your appartment Steve? over 200 cubicmeters? :P

    I often run into that same problem (this is true) when reading a recepie that says something stupid like "Cut the meat in 2X2 cm pieces" That makes no sence, as long as I keep two sides 2 cm the dish will be fine no matter if I get a snake shaped or leaf shaped pice of meat.
  • I would say that you walk out where the fourth wall should be. "The walls" can mean that there is only 2 or 3.
  • I apologize to everyone, first of all it's floor not floors. Secondly I should have specified 10x10x10, 3 dimensional.

    It's actually a stupid play on words.

    You look at the chair, see what you saw, take the saw, cut the chair in half, two halves make a whole, crawl out the hole.

    Just some thing silly I recalled from a long time ago. :(
  • No worries jdm

    Anything that gets people thinking (even it is a play on words) has got to be good in the greater scheme of things.

    Its definitely got to be better than watching reality tv :D

    My brain is mush at the mo, so the floor is wide open for whoever posts first with a new riddle!

  • I know I know!!!!!!!

    What three letters will come next: O,T,T,F,F,S,S,_ _ _ ??
  • Eight, Nine, Ten.

    I will let you know when I am available to accept my smarty pants award. :P
  • You'll be available to accept it when I say you're available to accept it!!!!! :P But, too late, you missed your window of opportunity, so I get to keep it for myself now!! (good thing I engraved it with my name on it!! :P )

    Alright, wiseguy, let's see what your Mamma's got for us!! :lol:
  • Try this one...

    I drive a car, it goes very fast.
    I am in second place for career wins for competitors currently in my sport.
    I am in second place for poles for competitors currently in my sport.
    I have finished Third in the championship standings three times in my sport.

    Who am I, what series of sport do I play and what team?

    Thanks for the reminder Suze.
  • Time for a hint I think...

    Some say that he has won the Indy 500, others say he hasn't.

    More than likely gave it away with that.
  • Well seeing as how I think was my first double post might as well make it a triple.

    Would someone like to answer this or shall I post a new riddle?

    Please answer it as I did come up with it myself. :(
  • Sorry Rex, don't mean to ignore ya, but I didn't want to spam. I've searched and searched but I have no idea..... will you please give us the answer and then pose a new one!? Thanks Pal!! :D
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Feb 14 2003, 06:40 AM
    I didn't want to spam.

    You!!! What about me! I just made a triple post!!!

    Alright the answer is Paul Tracy, Champ Car Racing (CART), Player's.

    Alright new riddle...

    Jimmy has a quarter. He has flipped it seven (7) times and it has come up heads everytime.

    "This must be some kind of magic coin." he thinks to himself.

    He goes to his friend and bets him fifty (50) dollars that if he flips the coin it will come up heads.

    So now what I am looking for is this... what are the odds that the coin will come up heads again? Remember it has come up heads seven (7) times already.
  • 50% chance.
    Nuff said.

    No, BTW. I'd like to talk a bit about statistics for a while.
    The thing about coinflips and such "random" occurances is that the human mind can't really understand them.
    What I'm saying is that, much like Jimmy in the riddle, people will get amazed if they flip a coin 50 times and heads comes up every time.
    What are the odds of that!!!
    Well, pretty much the same as any other series of flips I belive...

    There is this one story about a statistics professor that I love.
    He would give an assignment the first lesson, for each student to go home and make 500 cointosses and write down the results.
    The next day he would sit at his desk reading through the papers, while the students did some textbook work or what ever, and declare who had cheated on the assignment.
    Everybody was amazed that he could see who cheated just by looking at their results, but the thing is that a human mind trying to write down a series of random flip will think that it's unlogical to have a streak of 5 flips or more wih the same result. So the cheaters were pretty easy to spot beacuse their results were just a bit too random :D
  • Originally posted by Rex77+Feb 14 2003, 04:34 PM-->QUOTE(Rex77 @ Feb 14 2003, 04:34 PM)
    [quote] <!--QuoteBegin-Susan B STAFF</i>
    @Feb 14 2003, 06:40 AM
    I didn't want to spam.

    You!!! What about me! I just made a triple post!!!

    Heh heh heh, naught to worry Dear, Feb 2, Feb 5, and Feb 7 are not to be worried about as a triple post..... in the way of spamming that is!! :D Some of us need the knock upside the head to wake us up!! :lol:
  • Well that didn't last too long...

    Suze, sumpin' be wong wif you 'puter 'cause I make dem postes on da 2nd, 7th and da 14th. You best be gettin' you thingy wooked at. ;)
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Feb 14 2003, 06:43 PM
    Well that didn't last too long...

    Suze, sumpin' be wong wif you 'puter 'cause I make dem postes on da 2nd, 7th and da 14th. You best be gettin' you thingy wooked at. ;)

    Nope, it's just mah bwain dat's all skwooed up!! :wacko: :D

    Oooohhh Maaaaaaaaannnnyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Yooooooooo Hooooooo!!!!!!! :D
  • Ok, since this is the department of stupid riddles.

    You have three sticks.
    How do you go on about forming them into a circle?

  • They're licquorice, so just bend 'em!! :P (then give 'em to me so I can eat 'em!!)
  • Nah, I aint giving you no licquorice, your mouth is dirty enough as it is.

    The sticks are made out of a very very brittle kind of wood.
    That ought to give it away :lol:
  • Turn them into sawdust and make your circle with that. :D
  • Yes, something like that.
    The floor is yours, remebernow, it's stupid riddles!
  • It's probably balsa wood or bamboo. Then soak it in water and it becomes rather flexible. I don't know.
  • Here is the next stupid riddle...

    A man is dead in his cabin by the lake. How did he die?

    You may ask questions that I can answer with a yes/no answer.
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Feb 22 2003, 07:56 PM

    You may ask questions that I can answer with a yes/no answer.

    Are you sure he's dead!?!?!? :lol:

    OK, sorry,......... starvation??
  • I can't see him from here but the question says he is dead, so he must be dead. :P

    No, not starvation.
  • Oh brother, now I'm gonn amix this one up with WB:s :lol:

    Was he killed?

  • Do the six men knocking on his cabin door need what's in the briefcase!?!? :lol:

    Oooh, I just crack myself up!!! hehehehehe

    OK, seriously... Did he fall into it from above, like from a plane!?!? (ya know, it $ucks when your 'chute doesn't work!! :blink: )
  • Manne: Yes, meaning he did not die of a natural cause.

    Suze: No, he did not fall into the cabin he was in the cabin the whole time.
  • Was his death caused by dehydration.
  • Gabe: No, his death was not caused by dehydration.
  • Was he killed by some poisonous 'creepy crawly'? :ph34r:
  • Did he die in a plane crash?
  • Did his death involve aliens with big teeth and ray guns????????

  • Did he comitt suicide? I like that one! B)
  • Bid: No

    Knowze: Yes, I guess the next stupid riddle is up to you. His cabin is the cabin of a plane, it crashed by a lake.
  • A girl gets onto a swing & after a couple of seconds she falls off. Why did she fall?

    That one stupid enough for ya?
  • Is it because there was nothing holding the swing up?
  • Nope, nothing wrong with the swing.
  • I think I got it, there was no ropes on the swing?
  • Originally posted by Knowze Gungk@Feb 25 2003, 12:23 PM
    Nope, nothing wrong with the swing.

    It even has a sticker on it that says that it has been approved by the Australian Standard for saftey.
  • She didn't hang on, while the swing was moving?
    Well you did say "stupid" :blink:
  • Your on the right track there Bid
  • She has no arms? You said bid was on the right track!
  • Sounds to me like she's been on a date with Steve and he's got her liqoured up real good and then he's to cheap to take her to the amusement park and so he takes her to a swingset and there they both pass out and sleep a dreamless sleep until morning when the enchantment of the night before will be lost and all that remains is two broken front teeth and the rancid stench of vomit rising from Steves green velvet shirt.
  • Oi!!!!!!!

    I'll have you know that having some fun on a swing when you're drunk and with an equally drunk women is great fun (until you fall off, that is)

  • Was it a rope swing out over the water?
  • Congrats' Tony. She did indeed fall off the because she has no arms.

    You may now have the floor.
  • I can't think of any hard ones so the floor is open to anyone who wants to go!
  • I'll take the floor again if nobody minds...

    You have a piece of string, how can you cut all the way through the string without creating two pieces? :unsure:
  • This must be wrong, but one way of doing it is to cut along the the string, and stop halfway.
    The string would look something like a snakes tounge, and you will still have cut all the way through. :huh:
  • No you wouldn't have cut all the way through since you stopped half-way.

    There is a way to do this without cutting the string all the way through.
  • Is it, make more than 2 pieces when cutting them
  • Sorry, I'll add this to the question then... you cannot create two or more pieces. Trust me that is what I meant with the original question.
  • I don't know if this is right but, cut it into two peices and then tie them togeather!
  • But you would have cut it into two pieces now wouldn't ya? :D
  • If the piece of string was made as a loop (One peice, not tied) and you cut it through you would still
    only have one piece.
  • Well he certainly 'Knowze' his stuff. :D Go ahead.
  • I can't think of anything stupid & challenging at the moment. So here's an easy one.

    Who want's the floor?

  • I'll take it!!

    How do you spell Boston backwards??
  • Bee Oh Ess Tee Oh En, Bee Ay See Kay Double-yoo Ay Are Dee Ess.

    That's too easy Speedie, try again
  • Hey, these are supposed to be 'dumb' ones, so I guess I was spot on, wasn't I!? :lol:

    Mr. Gungk, since you were correct, you get the floor!! :D
  • Aww, I don't want the floor.

    Fine, I'll ask a stupid one.

    Why did Speedie cross the road?

    Oh, wait a minute, that one only works on blokes. :D

    What is green & sticky?
  • A stick, as I remember.
    Wait a minute, sticks aren't green, they're grey.
    I have to go with gut instinct here and say
    - A really old turd.
  • Sorry Manne, but the correct answer is, a green sticky thing.
    But you can have the floor anyway, since your handicap would declare you a winner by default. :P
  • Allright! (said in that rock 'n roll fashion that you use when winning something)

    What is white with red stripes and goes up and down?

  • A Chinese Newspaper?
  • Steve's clown pants on a rather busy night :D ... or maybe a yo-yo?
  • :lol:
    Very inventive, both of you.
    Rex is currently in the lead by being just a nudge funnier, you're both totally wrong BTW.

    Keep guessing, if you havn't heard this one before there really isn't any logical way to get this one!
    Key words: Headache, big trousers, counterweight

    Ok, times up. The answer is an aspirin with red suspenders riding an elevator :P
  • Well? Does that mean it's Rexes go, or what?

    All the trivia threads are dieing. Maybe people should check up on them more.
  • I would say that anybody who wants to have a go could do so, but Rex get's a gold star for getting pretty close (I can't say that he was right since STEVE is the exact opposite of an aspirin :lol: )

  • Well then, I'll take it!!

    What's easier to load into a dump truck, a pile of bowling balls or a pile of dead babies!? :blink: (and why?)
  • The babies,because they have more holes in them.

  • Part one: yes

    Part two: no
  • Well, you can't really load the bowling balls in with a pitch fork, can you.