James Bond 007: Nightfire
  • For anyone out there that can help.

    I worked through most of mission six, Night Shift, without trouble. I am stuck at the top floor trying to get into Mayhew's office. I cannot get through the keypad into his office and can't find where to get the number. This is drivingme crazy because ther rest of the codes were easy to get.

    Thanks :huh:
  • This bit had me running around searching for the code as well. Still never found it.

    Luckily, in an act of desperation I decided to see what I had in my inventory that might help. Lo and behold i noticed i had my trusty Q-decryption gizmo thingy.

    Simply select it, point it at the lock and hold down the use button until the lock is fully decrypted. Hey presto, the door is now unlocked :)

    God bless those boffins at Q-branch ;)
  • oh.....hold it down, I'll give that a go - thats 5 hours of my life wasted running around aimlessly! cheers