Wipeout HD: do cheats exist?
  • I'd be most grateful if anyone can help with any cheats or codes for this game. I'm a bit stuck on the frenzy campaign and need to shave 7 seconds off my current time. I'm expecting there'll be no such cheats, but my fingers are crossed!
    Many thanks,
  • Afraid there are no actual cheats for this game other than the speed boost at the starting line.
  • Is this game available for the PS3 here in the U.S ?

    If not is there a release date ?
  • The game has been available for quite a while now, Jamie- it's downloadable from the PlayStation Store.
  • You mean its not on a disc ?
  • That's right- they put it in the PlayStation Store to purchase. You'll find it in the Games section.
  • please tell me its free cause i have no credit card.
  • It's definitely not free- the price on it is $19.99. You may want to check in your local game stores for some PlayStation network cards (these have been out in the US for a while now) to put money into your store "wallet" for buying stuff.