Harry Potter Order of Phoenix
  • Need to find clothes for Loona...
  • I'm guessing you mean her other belongings you need to find after beating the game to get the "friend in need" cup. This is where to look:

    Great Hall – This can be found on the first table on the left as you enter, about half way down.

    Entrance Courtyard – Use the broom to sweep away the leaves on the right hand side of the courtyard, (the side the boathouse is on) and you will find one of her things under a pile of leaves.

    Viaduct Entrance – Look on the floor next to the portrait.

    Library – This is in plain sight on the end of the table.

    Clock Tower Courtyard – As you come out of the portrait head straight into the courtyard and you will see it lying on the ground in front of the fountain.