cant connect to internet
  • Hi All

    Can someone please dumb this problem down for me??
    I really hope someone can help me with this problem im having
    My ps3 has been out of my house for a while and now since its back i can not connect online and im getting the DNS error message. when i look at my internet settings it shows that the ps3 finds the wireless connection but fails to connect to the web. and i Have no idea why. This is happening also with other wireless things i have in the house apart from the laptop that connects fine. Im i missing somthing??
  • What you will likely need to do is re-do your PS3's wireless settings as they are still looking for the network they were on when out of your house.

    You will want to get as many bits of this in manually as possible (the DNS servers, router IP address, subnet mask, etc.). Also, double check your router's settings in regards to any port forwarding and maybe even add the PS3's MAC Address into your router's list of allowed devices.

    Doesn't sound dumbed down, i know, but if this is stuff you did do before then it's just going through the same motions.