Playstation 3 Network problems
  • Hi there I live in the UK and have been playing CoD5 through the Playstation Network for 6 months. I switched that game off as usual two nights ago and I can no longer play the game online?
    I called Sony and they advised me to go into Safe Mode and try options 2 - 5 which I have done but it still hasn't changed anything.
    I have signal strength of 60% via a wireless router (the same router I have always used).
    I load CoD5 and select to play online and I get told that I need to sign up to the Playstation Network...which I was already signed up to, but ok...I go to sign up again and all I get is the screen with the floaty lines. The only way to come out of that screen is to switch the PS3 off??
    Please please help...we are going mad here :)
    Thank you :rolleyes:
  • Part of the problem may be that signal strength- 60% is definitely not the greatest for wireless. It may be making for slower/ inconsistent communication with the PSN servers.

    You may also want to try (if you haven't yet) a power cycle of the router, it may be having a bit of brain freeze in its communication with the PS3.