Hacked PS3 account
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    My nephew said his account was hacked. He was online on my friends list but his PS3 was off and he didn't give his account details to anyone and when he tried to log in it said the password and email address was incorrect. We don't know what to do except to try and contact Sony but would they be able to get it back or delete it?

  • Ouch- that is never good.

    His only recourse would be to contact Sony and try to verify enough information so that you can reclaim/ delete the account. If some of the info hasn't been changed (secret question, location, any cc info if on the acct, etc.) they should be able to get it back for him.
  • It is the start of a backdoor attack...forget trying to resovle the problem because, as Lyndon pointed out, enough crucial information will have been changed that you will never be able to convince SONY you were the original user/owner.

    Read my reply addressing this here (third post): http://www.absolute-playstation.com/playstation-network/expert-playstation-3-hardware-accessory-help-playstation3-ps3-console/20334-can-i-do.html