PS3 tiger woods 2009 Freeze
  • I don't know if i'm the only one but my games is always freezing during my carreer. :mad:

    i can play online NO TROUBLE , i can play any mini-game or other game no trouble. BUT as soon as i want to start my carreer and continue any pga event. 3 time on 5. Witch is realy a lot. my game whyle the course is loading... suddently everything freeze. the loading golfer stop and i always have to take out the cd out of the ps3 and put it back again then start it over again.... i doing this somtime 3 time before it work.

    Gotta tell you that i have change my ps3 because i was sure that the harddrive was the problem... finally change my tiger woods game cause with the new ps3 the problem was still the same... now i'm realy pissed off. is there any solution?

    thx in advance
  • Only other thing I can think of is to delete the game's system information and let the disc re-install this.
  • now it's been 10 time since yesterday... can't play any of my season... i'm totally tired of this...

    you mean uninstall the game and re-install it? will i lost all my game-face and my season stats ?
  • i have already did it!! uninstall everything of tiger woods and insert back the cd... and nothing work... i have wrote to ps3 support + easport!! this is realy crappy to have a game with a systeme and cannot playwith it!!!! what a dumb thing!!!!

    u know ... i did format my ps3....

    they say that is the update 2.70 that cause the freeze loading trouble only on that game!!! WOW.... will they solve it soon? can't beleive that
  • So... i beleive no body can help me here!
  • You have done just about everything that could be suggested over the forum. While it is slightly possible the update could have caused it I don't think that is the case- I have done the same update and the game has no problems here at all.

    You would get a faster response from Sony's tech support by phoning them directly via the toll free number, 1-800-345-7669.