• When you finish Hollow Bastion for the First Time and when we return to Traverse town and when we go to other worlds the nr of stars has increased... I already have beaten Sephiroth, Ice Titan, Kurl Siza (the one from Agrabah) but I can't touch the other boss from Neverland...

    I'm at Level 100 with the Save the King and Save the Queen and with Sora I've got the Ultima Weapon but Since I have to use Peter Pan and Only Donald Or Goofy... So How can Beat him????


    How can I get the Magic Ultima?? And how can I get to the world where Goofy and Donald came from I really need help...
  • I hated this boss weapons and high levels won't do you much good he needs patience.
    You have to hit him with spells that corespond to the colour of the glowing orb in his cloak.

    white=physical attack with weapon

    Aside from that the phantom also casts doom on your party this will kill you one by one unless you cast stop magic on the clock which will make the doom magic stop counting down for 1 minute, from time to time you should stop for a moment and cast stop on the clock this is important as people killed by doom cannot be brought back.
    This battle requires alot of magic bring elixers or equip MP rage in order to keep your MP up.


    As far as I can tell it is impossible to get ultima or to return to Donald and Goofy's world sorry about that