Champions of Norrath online
  • I tried to play Champions of Norrath online on My PS3 and MY PS2. I can't seem to do it. Both systems tell me that there is no My Network Configuration on the memory card (PS2) or the internal memory card (PS3). I read both manuals for both systems and could not find how to get a Configuration on My memory cards. The manual for the PS2 says to use the disc that came with it, but there was no disk that come with it. How can I get a network cofiuration on to my memory card and my internal memory card?
  • If you have other PS2 games with online capability you may be able to get the set up routine from them (the SOCOM games or Hot Shots Golf Fore should have it). Go to the online portion of that game and you should be able to find "add a connection" or "new" where it says to select a connection. Once into the set up make every setting the same as on your PS3 and save this on to the virtual PS2 card. Because the game only looks to the memory card it won't see the actual PS3 connection.