forgot password for playstation account
  • I want to know if there is anyway possible i can activate my playstation3account.i have three accounts because for the last two i forgot the password ,ithe rest of the info like the birthdate and place was all random and i don't think there is a way i can reactivate those two accounts.i wana reactivate them because i lost alot of save data for games i have it possible to get my accounts back up and running because i really need them???badly:( :( :(
  • Unless you can remember that info regarding birth date, secret question, etc. so that you can set a new password you are hosed. You may need to suck it up and start over from scratch with your newest account (and make sure you write down your info this time or put the actual correct details in instead of random info ;) ).
  • Write your account/password info on the inside cover of your PS3 instruction manual...

    Other than that, if you don't have the required info as Lyndon described, bye-bye account.