• It's Jeopardy time.


    For $100 "He was the first man to step on the moon"

    For $500 "The discoverers of Janus"

    Good luck to you all! :)
  • "Who was Neil Armstrong?" for the first.

    "Who was Audouin Dollfus?" for the second.

    Those are my guesses.
  • Mr. armstrong is correct but Dollfus has jet not discovered any moon as far as I know.
  • According to this web site he did.

    What ever.

    "Who were R. Walker, J. Fountain, and S. Larson?" Maybe those guys.
  • Originally posted by manneman@Jan 12 2003, 03:50 PM
    I can't possible have have missed out on anything.

    maybe just some proofreading....... :D
  • Originally posted by Yeno@Jan 13 2003, 02:42 AM
    "Who were R. Walker, J. Fountain, and S. Larson?"

    That's what I've read and since I'm the omnipotent ruler of the topic I get to choose who's wrong or right :lol:

    I'm gonna give you the freedom of choosing the next category Yeno.

    Then I'm going to find out why there are two answers to Janus discoverers <_< <br />It's worse to be missinformed than to not be informed at all.
  • Ok Thanks manneman. I agree that it is strange that there is two answers to the Janus question. Your answer was probably right.

    Anyway here is the next category:

    The Russian Revolution

    For $100 "He was the last Tsar of Russia."

    For $500 "They were the politicial group led by Lenine."
  • Who are poor little Alexander and the Bolsheviks? (10 days That Shook the World)
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Jan 13 2003, 10:10 PM
    Who are poor little Alexander and the Bolsheviks?

    Hey, aren't those the guys that did that song "I Want to Love you, My Little Babushka Mamma"?? :lol:
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Jan 13 2003, 10:10 PM
    Who are poor little Alexander and the Bolsheviks?

    Well Bolsheviks are correct but Alexander is not the one. By the way I also want the number behind the name. Ex: Alexander the second
  • Who is Nikolaus II ?
    (were really ;) )
  • Correct!

    Now what happens manneman? Who chooses the category?
  • Who is Wreckingball? :lol:

    I really would have gotten to choose since I got the last question but since it's late here and WB got the harder one I think I 'll let him take over the floor!

    Besides I owe him one from the brainteasers ;)
  • Aaaalrighty, then.

    The new topic is The American Pastime

    $100 answer:
    This team is the only one to have all it's starting pitchers win 20 games or more in the same season. (Team only, the season isn't necessary)

    $500 answer:
    He was the first player to (unofficially) break Babe Ruth's record of 60 home runs in a season. (Player's name only, the season isn't necessary)

    [This is getting stale, if I don't have a correct response by the evening of 1/19 PST, I will post new questions]
  • "Who are the Cleveland Indians?"

    "Who is Roger Maris?"
  • No and no.

    OK. Just in case you're curious, the answers are the Baltimore Orioles and Hank Greenberg.

    The new topic is Femme Fatales:

    $100 answer
    - She is a skin dirigible from Texas and former model/actress and has her own TV show, and could be the poster case for drug/food abuse.

    $500 answer
    - She is an office skank who derailed a political career and gained her 15 minutes of fame on Monkey Business
  • Ok, I'm willing to loose some money just to shed some light on this thread

    Who is hmmmm, Rosanne Barr?

    Who is errrrrr, Monica Lewinsky?

    I really havn't got a clue
  • Who are Camaryn Manheim and Marilyn Monroe??

  • Who is: Anna Nicole Smith

    And aaaaaaaaaaaaaa hummmmmm aaaa Na I can't thing who the second one is.. :(

  • Ahh, you're halfway home Worf.

    (HINT) The other Femme Fatale ruined the last good shot the democrats had at the White House before Clinton.
  • I dont really know but i'll guess

    Who is hilary clinton?

    Total guess
  • Nope, the hint was before Clinton, and that's why this is the hard answer/question. :D

    ps. I just don't have the HART to give any more clues.
  • Alright, I've found something.
    Donna Rice, who is she?
    Phew, almost forgot to put it like a question :lol:
  • You da manne. Your turn.
  • Geez, you must have had a crush on that woman WB being the only one in the whole world remembering her and all :lol:
    You have no idea how hard I had to work to find her.

    The new topic is: Philosophy

    $100He thought, therefor he was.

    $500Statement in conflict with the valid principle of the concept.
  • 1. Who is Rene Descartes?

    2. What is, he was? or he thought?
  • Correct on the first one.
    Confusing on the second. I'm looking for an expression used in philosophy (remember I'm into math, so phil.math (wich everybody knows is great fun) is the place to go look).

    Do you like cats, I have a friend called Erwin who had a cat. I don't know if it still is alive ;)
  • E =m(c*c)?

    - I don't know how to write exponential terms.
  • I'll take a wild guess:


    Statement of conflict, could be a prison

    Valid Principle of the concept, Is that there is a good reason for why people are put in them

    Prisons have good reasons to hold people in them.

    I'm probably wrong but what the hell
  • Nah, both of you are entangled in the complexity of the formulation. Just try to translate it into normal english and then just the bold clues.

    [b]Erwins last name is Schr
  • I still do not understand so

    Did Erwin Schrodinger live from (1887-1961)?

    Also did he discover wave mechanics?

    I am probably wrong if so please EXPLAIN!?!? :angry:
  • I can tell that you're a bit off on this one. I'll try to explain it to you.
    First of all, the threads name is Jeopardy, so it probably helps if you've seen a TV gameshow by the same name once or twice.
    The objective is the ask a question to wich the answer would be
    "Statement in conflict with the valid principle of the concept."

    Like, "What is pi?" to the answer "arccos (-1)" or "what is orange?" to "The color of oranges".
    Get it. :huh:

    You will have to read through a whole lot more then just the 5 first lines of the bio of Schr
  • As far as I'm concerned, Cantor, Kant, Bertram Russell, Plato, Socrates, and Descartes can smoke an a priori turd in hell. I quit.

    Wait a minute, how's this?

    If he thinks, then he's mortal, and if he's mortal, he will die, and if he dies, he is not....SO, it should be I think, therefore I am mortal.

  • I'll give it a try, in proper format:

    What is an oxymoron? <_< </font>
  • WB: you need to drop Descartes, he's got nuthin to do with the second question

    Susan: Very close.

    [b]Hint: Do a search on Schr
  • What is a paradox?

    Shot in the dark.
  • Very good :D
    At last a correct question, I'ld like to apologize if the answer I gave was hard to understand, but it's kinda hard to put it down in print so I made a translation from a book wich defined a paradox that way. It may have been screwed up a bit in the translation. ;)

    Hey, Yeno. guess what! You're up :)
  • Ok Lets see how much you guys know about Canada!

    Here are the answers:

    $100: Is Canada's national animal.

    $500: The name of the one and two dollar coins.

    Rex and all the rest for my fellow country men, dont answer to quickly. Lets give those not lucky enough to live in Canada a chance. :P

  • Oooohh Jeez, these are good!!!!!! :lol:

    #1: What is the Canadian Beaver? (heeheehee)

    #2: What are loonie and toonie?? (chuckle chuckle) ROFLMAO!!!!!! :lol:

    Surely you can't be serious!?!? How can you keep a straight face!?!? :P
  • No, it gotta be artic woodpecker on #1 and le petit coin and le doubl
  • 1. What is the Artic Polar Frozen Camel? :P

    2. What is the metal shiny thingy with the queen on one side and a shootin' duck on the other and what is it if two of them stuck together? :D
  • Hehe you got it Susie!

    I just want to know what the gouvrnment will call the five dollar coin when it comes out in 50 years?
  • The Nickel (sarcastic inflation joke) :P
  • Heh heh heh, does that mean that they're way behind U.S. WB?? :D

    Well, I have no idea at the moment, and I have to go get ready for work, so the floor is open!!!
  • I have some Canadian ones, since I am from Canada and live there. I would say Rex will get these.

    $100: What is Canada's most famous coffee shop?
    $500: What Month is it other than black history month in Febuary?

    Good Luck.
  • Somebody smack that boy! :blink:
  • My IQ dropped 25 points just by reading that post. :o
  • If your a Canadian it is quite easy.
  • Tonygillis, it's not that they are difficult questions, it's that they are questions!! The whole thing is not put into proper 'Jeopardy' format. Please read the very beginning of the thread to see how the format is supposed to go, and then resubmit something.

    (the jury will kindly regard Mr. Gillis' last questions) :D
  • Isn't it actually your turn though, Suze? :unsure:

    Oop's, sorry Tony, didn't quite read all of her post. That'll learn me! :blink:
  • Hey manneman, doesn't that bring you below zero? And sorry, I did read it but I guess I didn't think that good sooo. And Suze said the floor was open.
    $100: It is Canada's most famous coffee shop.
    $500: Not Black history month, it is another month as well. (Not Feb, a name)
  • Well eeeh :huh: lemme count 15 and two in memory :P
    You straightened the answers out so I'm back to normal now
    I still think I'm to dumb to question your answers ( :huh: ) though.

    $100, What is the cafe at Niagra Falls?
    $500, What is valentines month ?
  • OK, the floor is open. The answers are Tim Hortons and this which I just heard on the radio, Feed the birds month, since they have a hard time finding food in winter, lol o well, good luck.

  • Oh man, just when I was gonna guess "Library Lovers Month"!! (which it is also.)

  • Anyone can go now if they wish to.
  • Oh thank you, my back teeth were floating :P

    Cool people!

    $100 - He stared as leader of the nerds in Revenge of the nerds-triology
    $500 - He coined the word Nerd

  • Well, Manne, we all gotta 'go' sometime!! :lol:

    $100: Robert Carradine??

    $500: Dr. Seuss??
  • OK, technically it isn't a question just beacuse you put questionmarks after a word.
    Would it have been anyone else I would not have given them right but since it is you...

    Go ahead beutiful:D

  • Why thank you Handsome!! :D And, thank you for the heads-up!

    Okey dokey:

    $100: Jumbo Shrimp

    $500: Awfully Nice

    There y'all go!! :D
  • $100: What is Steve's 'member' the size of? ;)

    $500: What did Fat Jiffy think of it the first time he saw it? ;)
  • Are those real questions? Because if they are the only one that can answer the first question is his underwear. Oh yeah, question form.

    What is the answer that his underwear states?

    Okay really.

    For $100 - What is the name of the president that couldn't keep it in his pants?

    For $500 - What is a hamburger consist of when you get it from McDonald's?
  • Unid32: What on earth are you rambling about? You need to read further back in the thread.

    As for my questions

    *What is what you had for dinner?

    *How was it?

    I'm pretty certain of the second one, but the first I don't know!
    Is there a cathegory you'ld like to share with us?

  • Unidentified: Not sure what that was all about, but you should be guessing at mine ...... and I don't think those applied..... unless I'm too stoned to notice, which is entirely possible! :wacko: hehehe

    Alrighty, I'll give you all a hint: The answer to both of them is the same!! :o (did that just to throw you all off a bit, shame on me!!) :P

  • Jeeeeeesh, a whole friggin' week and no one else has a guess!?!?

    OK, here's what I was looking for:

    $100: What is an oxymoron?

    $500: What is an oxymoron?

    OK, apparently I'm not very good at these, someone please come post one and save me from this embarassment!?!?!? :ph34r:
  • I got busted for the same thing, you are not supposed to ask them in question form! And the question, is it oxygen? (stupid quess)
  • Oh, my, god.
    What is it with you people, is there a plauge of stupid raging over there. :lol:
    No seriously, Sus, ok so they wasn't that good but only cus no one understood them right.
    I think I get the weels rolling again on this one. ;)



    $500:SiO2 + CaCO3 + NaCO3
  • $100:H=What is Hydrogen
  • $100: What is Hydrogen?

    $500: What is paper?
  • Hydrogen is correct but on the other answer I would like to know what the product is (as Rex understood but got so terrible wrong ;) ).

    It is in fact many things, so nail at least one!

    oh, and tony! Have you ever watched Jeopardy, read the first post rules carefully one more time

  • $500: what is calcium carbonate!?

    Are you sure that the "i" belongs in there!? :huh:

    I think I'll just stick with trying to answer these instead of posing them, I don't do very well at posing them! :(
  • Maybe you should stick to just reading! :P
    I'm not looking for the meaning of just the letters.
    I'm looking for what you get when you mix em all together (thus the +) and heat it up and make bottles or panes.
  • $100: What is Hydrogen?

    $500: What is glass?

    This kind of gave it away for me, *duh :blink: ...
    and make bottles or panes. [/b]
  • Very good Rex.
    I belive you also could mak emicro chips out of the mix.

    Go ahead and choose category!
  • Thank you...

    War Movies

    $100: He starred as Lt. Col. Hal Moore.

    $500: He starred as Benjamin Martin.

    There ya go boys and girls!
  • (Ain't you slick? :D )

    Who is Mel Gibson? for his roles in We Were Soldiers and The Patriot .
  • Correct you are. Yes, I am slick. ;)
  • As I answered correctly, I'm assuming it's my turn......

    American History:

    $100 - This former cowboy once said "I never met a man I didn't like"

    $500 - This former Cowboy once said "That guy's so dumb, he couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the "c" and the "a"".
  • I feel it is my responsability to take a swing at this even though I have no idea.

    100 Who was John Waye?
    500 Who is the lead singer in Leningrad cowboys ? :P
  • No and No. Interesting responses, though. I'll just give these a couple more days, though I didn't think they'd last this long. Both are (in)famous quotes from people no longer in the news. One died in a famous plane crash and one was busted for coke......
    I'll expand it a bit:
    For the $500 response, I'll also except the name of the Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback from Louisiana who was married to a famous skater and was in Burt Reynolds movies and now does NFL shows and long-distance commercials, and is reputedly a poor speller.
    The $100 response (famous for being at home with Kings or hoboes) died with Wiley Post.

    ps. Notice one of the cowboy C 's is capitalized.....one of them was a Dallas Cowboy.

    OK, OK, I get the message.

    The answers are:
    $100 - Who is Will Rogers?
    $500 - Who is Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson? The Pittsburgh Quarterback he slandered was Terry Bradshaw.

    Let's try these:


    $100 - He turned water to wine

    $500 - A thug for the Pharisees, he was converted while journeying to Damascus.

  • Ahh, it's a football team kind of cowboy, no wonder I had no idea. :lol:

    $100: Who was Johnny Walker of nazaret?

  • Well, $100 would be: Who is Jesus?........

    But, $500......?? not sure at all, never was much up on the thugs of biblical times!
  • Sorry Suze...gotta steal your chance here.

    $100- Who is Jesus?

    $500- Who is Saul? (changed to Paul later on)
  • Right on, Red! 'Tis your turn now.

    (Manne, you a funny guy :D )
  • The 50's in America

    $100- He paid the copyright for a picture of Marilyn Monroe to place in his soon to be famous magezine.

    $500- He was responsible for bringing Black Music and White Music together in America.
  • $100 - Who is Hugh Hefner?

    $500 - Who is Elvis Presley?
  • Correctamundo WB. Go ahead with the question.
  • Nice Fonzie quote there, Red. I like that. :D

    American Cinema

    $100 - This bigger-than-life director's films included The Greatest Show on Earth and The Ten Commandments

    $500 - This academy award winning actor was also a Brigadier General in the Air Force.
  • Again with the American questions... :D

    $100 Who is DeMille?

    and the actor might just be someone from those movies
    $500 Who's Charlton Heston?
  • $100 - correct

    $500 - incorrect (though your reasoning is sound, you chose the wrong star)
  • Well then, Who is James Stewart?
  • That is correct, Manne. You now have control of the board. :D
  • All right!

    Topic : Cartoonist

    $100: The creator of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
    $500: French-Egyptian artist who's published in Fluide Glacial.
  • $100: Who is Walt Disney?
    $500: Ummm... same as above.
  • Jean-Paul Akhnatuhan? Yeah, that's the ticket. Yeah, he's the guy who carved all those heiroglyphs......see, they're all just a comic strip about a guy named Sphinxy. :blink:
  • I have no idea if this is right, this is the first thing that I found that could be an answer. Manneman, ignore that PM. I sent it before I posted this. I actually thought WB was being serious for once.

    $500: Who is Lefred-Thouron?
  • That's whatcha get for thinkin' :P
  • [b]I'm gonna let REX have this since he's taking such a keen interest in solving the cathegory.
    The guy I was looking for is called [url="http://dragueur.free.fr/edika.html"]
  • Thank you.

    Sports Records

    $200: First Canadian winner of the green jacket.

    $1000: First driver to win the first three races of the Champ Car (CART) series.
  • What in the name of back bacon do either of those events have to do with sports?

  • $100: Who is Mike Weir?

    $500: I have no ideear!! ;)

    (pssssssttt, WB, golf is a sport, you knucklehead!! :P )

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