• I've been trying to get a car for my Sunshine Autos for a couple of days now.
    The car in question is the Blista Compact (the firts list) but I can't seem to find it.
    Since I suck at cars I've been looking up what it looks like, rather small, and I've been trying to cruise in similar looking cars for bate. But nothing.
    I've arranged blockades on the major roads and scouted the garages.

    Is there any place perticular that theese kind of cars turn up?
    Is there any other tricks to how to get a hold of this car, like a certain time of day?
    How did you do it, by luck or what?
  • As far as I know the cars that are loaded each time you play is pretty random. Just keep playing and you should come across it sooner or later. I think luck is going to be your best chance, just keep your eyes open and you'll get it.
  • This is the one that looks like the old Honda CRX. its a hatchback, slopey nose and very cut off at the rear.

    Downtown is a good place to look for them. but cant really give you a time.
  • Alright, it seems to me, that cars seem to spawn in relation to what you are driving. Such as, if your driving a truck, youll get lots of trucks and vans and one in a hundred stinger or something like that. To get the Blista Compact, id suggest staying around the southern area around the airport and most likely it would be best to be driving a stinger, or sentinel/XS. Drive around a lot though. Certain time of day, cant really help you, but id suggest from 10:00 till 4:00 more likely, thats when i see them most. Hope i helped.
  • Just thought I'd tell you how things turned out.
    After posting I whent directly to the game and waddaya think happened as I stepped on the street outside my mansion??? :lol: Yea that's right, I nearly got run over by a Blista Compact!!!!
    Thank's to my hard work trying to find the damn car the rest carcollecting missions were a piece of cake.

    Thank's for your hints but I guess there is a bit of dumb luck in this one, even though it helps to know what car you're looking for (I started out thinking it migh tbe some kind of minibus :lol: )