help cant play ps2 games on my ps3
  • i got this app that said i would be able to do it. the problem is it is still saying unsupported data.:frown: i would like to know wat is going on.:( i have the ps3 with the memory of 160 the uncharted bundle.
  • If the "app" you mean is the PS2 System Date available in the PlayStation Store, that does not magically give your PS3 backward compatibility. What it does is let PS2 games that required the hard drive that was put out (Final Fantasy XI mainly) make use of the PS3's hard drive. That data is only usable in PS3s that do have BC in them (the launch 20 GB/ 60 GB and the early 80 GB models). The 160 GB PS3 does not have any PS2 backward compatibility at all and most likely never will.