Weird Connection Problem
  • I can't get my PS3 to connect through my wired connection any more. The problem started today.

    It worked fine for months. Set everything to auto-detect and had no issues until now. When I try to sign in I don't get a DNS error like I would sometimes, it instead tells me that a connection cannot be established and tells me to go into network settings. I messed around in there, put some manual things in such as the DNS servers but it still doesn't work.

    Can't even get past the first step, acquiring an IP address. From what I've seen a number of people get that far but then the internet connection won't work, but mine won't even acquire an IP address now. No router being used, just connecting to the modem via ethernet cable. Always worked before.
  • Rather than go direct through the modem like I had been I hooked it up to a router and it worked, so problem solved.