breath of fire 4
  • hi can any 1 help me with breath of fire 4 cause i need to know where chino is when playing hide n seek in
  • [b]Wish I could help you DAF - have asked my kids and they've never played Breath of Fire 4 either. I'll ask around for you.
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  • Incoming help send by LOLA........ :D

    hey daf :)

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    your looking for CHINO?................... hhmmm........ that stupid darn kid ................ aahaa :idea:

    okay, I'll tell you where he is.

    You can't find or get CHINO if you have not found all of the rest of the KIDS because CHINO is the last one in the HIDE and SEEK game you will need to find.

    Okay, I will assume you have found them all except CHINO. Go back to the orphanage house, and then talk to MODO. Modo will tell you that CHINO went hiding where no one would go. Then talk to Lyta. I know there would be a CUT-SCENE in here where it will show where CHINO is hiding (cellar).

    Now go to the cellar. Talk to the guard who is standing in there. Of course he will not let you pass, but later he will get thirsty. As I can remember, I talked to the woman who is holding a jar of water then the woman will go to the guard. Then guard will walk off to his post.
  • i'll tell you he is hiding in the seller of the orphanage
    check there then you see him go to the next chamber go down that little hole you find your self in a nother chamber go back to the top of the seller then go to the second hole in the ground
  • hello! i also have a problem finding chino. i found all the other kids, i checked that with a walkthrough i found on the net Breath of Fire 4 walkthrough - solution. in the orphanage are only 5 of the kids (plus the girl who didn't play hide'n seek) but i found all 6 of them. i checked with the walkthrough and went around to see if they are there. they're not. but if i talk to any of the sisters they're not telling me to go to the cellar. so the next thing is, the guard doesn't say he's thursty. i talked to him many times but nothing happened. i'm desperate now =) is it possible that there happend some error? or did i have to find the kids in the right order? greets