• I just wanted to know something. I am know in the prison, reached by entering the historical society. However, after the whole deal with running from the pyramid head in the 2nd hospital and finding the note that led me to the wrench, I noticed I could have took the elevator up to the 2nd floor in the 2nd hospital. But I continued on thinking I should follow Laura, who I seen running outside of the room in the 2nd hospital. Does anyone know if there is something I was supposed to get from the 2nd floor in the 2nd hospital? I'm not too far into the prison, and if I need to go back to the point before I left the 2nd hospital, I'd rather do it now so I don't have to do a whole, whole lot to get back to where I am now. Does anyone know what I'm talkin about?
    :huh: [I]
  • there's nothing you need on the second floor after you return to the daytime Silent Hill. You're doing fine.