• I got the sword off the high platform and inserted it into the female figure. I followed the dark figure to the court out side the room. I am unable to get passed him. I am constantly moving around but no matter what I do, he kills me. Is there a particular method or pattern to get passed him? Any help would be appreciated here. :o
  • I haven't played the game in a few months and my mind is slightly hazy, where exactly are you in the DMC1 game? I don't exactly recall the seen you speak of, yet there were so many spectacular seens to the game, as I await the arrival of DMC2. :)
  • I passed the spider thing. I am inside the cathederal(thats what it looks like). I hit the wall with my sword, the circle on the floor rises, it takes me up to a sword called the Sentence of Death? I take the sword into an old room, and insert it into a statue for the Melanchony Soul. Than a dark figure appears and beckening me to go outside the bedroom into a looks like a court yard. He has a figure of a man with rams horns on his head. He also has a sword. I hop this helps you so you can help me defeat him. I hope I am not being to crazy here. lol :rolleyes:
  • Basically slash and dodge and use devil trigger mode as much as you can to slash at him. Only a matter of time before you have him down and out of the game. Heal if needed and just enjoy the rest of the game. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Nelo Angelo is is his name! Basically he is only vulnerable when you attack him from behind. This will involve you jumping around and using your devil trigger a lot. It can be tricky because when the battle gets up to a higher level in the courtyard, Nelo's attacks seem to do more damage to you (or maybe I just imagined that!) - so you need to be especially vigilant and anticipate his attacks so that you can avoid them.

    It really is a case of perseverance - it took me many goes before I finally got it!

    Good luck!
  • Thank you both. Most of my questions that where answered here have helped me.
    I will be back for more help. I usually am. Thanks :rolleyes: