F@*k the devil...
  • Now that I have your undivided attention....hi.

    Bit about myself, Avid gamer unfortunately. I play most genres, but my absolute favourite is RPG's. (That means Role-Playing Games kiddies)
    Also, though I was late to the FPS (That means First-Person Shooters kiddies) I find I am quite the natural at COD4......(That means Call of Duty 4....kiddies, heh)

    Overall I'm just like you. Curious and bored.
  • Well...with an intro like that, you know I had to check this post out. :)

    Anyway, welcome to AP Messenger_Freak; this site has some really great people and some equally great advice for PS gamers. I hope you visit us on a regular basis and I look forward to seeing you around the forums.
  • Love the intro ( that means i loved your introduction kiddies)

    Welcome to API

    Get your ass posting x
  • Thanks for the warm welcome guys. (I think I'm gonna like it around here)

    P.S. I'll try and get me ass posting haha...Don't wanna get on Jake's bad side now..
  • Its Jane but i wll let that slide FOR NOW!!! one more slip up and to the dungeon you will go!!! and thats not the good dungeon where all the staff hang out its the bad dungeon with the spiders and the xbox!!
  • O noz! not the bad dungeon! anything but that...

    wait actually that kinda sounds groovy....if ya catch my drift... *hur har grr meow woof*

    Ahem, Okay thanks again for the kind and polite threats...I mean greetings.