• Well, I purchased my PS3 and after 12 whole days, it takes a dump. So I go through the rigamaroo of contacting SONY, packing it up, shipping it off and waiting another 13 days before getting my "repaired" PS3 back.

    So I hook it up, put in Dead Space...and the same G@d-D@mned thing as what I sent it in for: Freezing, loss of sound, lock-ups and slow-motion type responses in games. I tired all my games, and same thing. It even lost sound and froze while playing Wheel of Fortune that I downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

    Gonna' be calling SONY again tomorrow morning (Saturday) and find out what type of expensive piece of sh!t did I actually buy. $400+ bucks for a sub-par product that has spent more time either in transit to or from them, or in their repair facility.

    I am going to Best Buy to purchase a new 160gb while I deal with this 80gb turd that has an obvious flaw. Once I get this one either replaced or fixed, the new PS6 should be on the market. :huh:

    Once this current POS is fixed/replaced and in good working order, I will more than likely give it away to one of the neighbor kids or something.

    Overall, no too impressed at the moment. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • Did they ever get it sorted for u?