Online Chat
  • Does anyone here ever use the chat feature of AP anymore?

    Man-o-man, I remember when I first joined, there was always a flurry of activity of us chatting away.

    Steve F (went by Gideon I believe) would love to track Steve down again
    Melinda (RedKennyPup then)
    (Tiff...why is that name familiar...)
    Kentucky Fried Hippie
    Chris N
    Daniel M
    Rory K
    gabriel knight
    ...and the rest.

    Those were GREAT times, and the Avatar awards which resulted in many long and often-times hilarious moments and posts (Steve and I used to draw battle-lines, hire a "staff", etc.).

    I would so be interested in resurrecting the ol' chat, if even only on a weekly basis (weekend maybe) and have a good old get-together.

    ...anyone else game?
  • We've tried to do a weekly chat before, but the chat software has a few bugs in it....and to top it off...none apart from me and a few others have stopped by to chat.

    I'm game as long as I'm not working or doing homework (yeah right;) ) Seriously though, I'm game.
  • Yes i love chatting with you guys!!!!

    Saturdays or sundays are best for me!!
  • Lucifer said:

    (Tiff...why is that name familiar...)
    Chris N

    Because those two are one in the same, likely :P

    I mostly use IRC, MSN, and Twitter for chat now.
  • I miss chatting with Speediebeenie...good times:D

    The AV awards were some of the best times. I remember Speedie and my battle during the av awards 3 like it was yesterday. I couldn't believe my Kimahri gif actually won. My Dad was pissed because he needed my help with raking leaves or something like that , but I was glued to the livechat, lol.