PS3 constant freezing and more
  • Well, it started like this: I had rented a PS2 game (dirge of cerberus) for my PS3( 60 gig). I was playing on the first level when suddenly the game freezes. The system was totally unresponsive, so I turned it off manually through the back. Then I turned it back on, and now the whole console experiances random freezing with static appearing on the screen when I turn it on. And sometimes nothing appears on screen at all. Although once in a while I can get on it but not for long. I took the game back, only to get a refund for the game. Is there anything that can be done about this?

    P.S. I'm past the warranty
  • You may need to try a full reformatting of the hard drive, seems like some system data may be out of whack. I would try to salvage what saves you can before doing this (save them on a USB thumb drive, they can be easily copied back). Don't worry about any purchases from the store as these can be re-downloaded to the machine as many times as you like and it's a simple matter to get your PSN ID set up again on the same machine.
  • Ok, new problem. Now when I turn my PS3 on it shows nothing on the screen. Its totally unresponsive. All I can do is turn it on and off. It just gets worse!:redface:
  • Try holding down the power button until you hear the second beep when turning on from standby in case the output settings got messed up. You may also want to try unseating the hard drive and re-connect it inside. If all else fails call Sony as they'll know more tricks to try.