• So what are you guys currently watching on TV? I very rarely get to sit and watch TV - im not one of these people who become engrossed in all the soaps etc as they tie you to the TV night after night.

    However i love to watch

    Miami Ink/London Ink
    House MD

    Most of these i tend to watch on DVD on the boxsets so i can fit the viewing in when i get a chance iykwim!
  • well i gotta say:


    The doctors
    The unit
    the dukes of hazzard

    but currently it's 5 am..i mean pm..i mean..holy s**t....it's morning
  • i love scrubs,fantastic program got to be one of the best american shows going i like heroes.....i like the CHEERLEADER :p
    i also love watching my name is earl thats so funny and all the csi we watch.
  • Here are what I enjoy that is currently running:

    Deadliest Catch
    Two and a Half Men
    Family Guy

    ...other than that, I am a big fan of the History Channel, Discovery Channel & National Geographic Channel.
  • Doh how could i forget Family guy!!
  • uhhhhh......come on!!! please reply my threads....

    ok...yeah...well...i don't watch family guy...
  • Battlestar Galactica (new & old)
    Star Trek genres (not the enterprise crap)
    Family Guy
    Robot Chicken
    American Dad
    Firefly (reruns of 14 episodes)
    Red Dwarf
    Top Gear
  • Deadliest Catch ( The captains of the Time Bandit, John and Andy, are my cousins)

    Deadliest Warrior
    Two and a Half Men
    NHL Playoffs
  • I don't usually watch alot of TV when my TV is on i'm usually either playing video games or watching TV shows or movies on Blu-ray.

    btw i keep hearing good things about Dexter i don't get that channel in my service but i will check it out when it comes out on Blu-ray.
  • I don't watch too much TV now, but some of my all time favourites (mostly reruns now) are

    Top Gear
    The Young Ones
    All the Blackadders
    Not the Nine O'Clock News
    Monty Python (TV shows)
    Red Dwarf
    Two Pints Of Lager .....
    That Mitchell And Webb Look