• ok i saw i vid on youtube (i know youtube ant the most trued site :redface: ) but it show the glave of the thunder spirit with a CLEAR sky and you dont get it till the day of darkiness, is that a cheat or emulater?:confused:
  • That video is legit. You get the Thunder Edge after beating True Orochi when you travel back to the past. After that you can equip it any time.
  • can you still have it after you beat the game?(wow that's a stuped Q)
  • That did sound somewhat silly to ask, didn't it? lol You would be able to go back to that game and look around for the rest of the stray beads but into a new game? Afraid not.

    Of course, if you did find all of the stray beads you wouldn't want it, i think. Doing this gives you an artifact you can take into another new game(keep that save on the memory card). It gives infinite ink, 10 times damage and invincibility.
  • :D know i really what to get all of the stray beads!:D got a gude to find them all?
  • Thought that may pique your interest a bit. ;) Someone did go to the trouble of writing up a guide for finding them, you can find it here.