New user entry fails
  • Hi, I have been trying to set up my PS3 to play on line for 3 weeks now but to no avail. Having finally got through WEP encryption code problems I tried to create new user to play on line but after putting in my area, language, then Date of birth I press Continue and go to next screen which just says English. The screen then freezes every time at this point and after about 1 minute I get the message "a server error has occured (HTTP Status Code:0). A friend who is already on line came round, entered his details and could play straight away so the problem lies with the New User set up. Any ideas what is going wrong please?
  • Hard to say for sure but it may have just been a glitch in their servers when it came to setting a new PSN ID. If you haven't tried again yet go ahead and do so without any changes- if it still hangs up there you may need to get Sony to sort things out.