• Okey like the Topic Description says, my machine won't load any game now... It was giving me some problems for awail now but now it won't load any games now.....
    I think the lazer is out of alinement... I was having to hit reset two or three times for the game to load up but the other day I took the unit into the garage to blow any dust out of the unit and now it doesn't load at all :(

    It's a real Pi$$er... I had just unlocked the helicopter at fort baxter in vice city :( and I wanted to do some mass killing :lol:


  • [I]I had the same problem with my ps2 a while back. I got a ps2 disc cleaner and it seemed to work fine afterwards, but before it would always say 'disc read error' even on new games, now that was pissy. Now and then I have the same problem, but not too often. If the disc cleaner doesnt work, you may, unfortunately, have to pay to get it looked at. :o
  • You took it to the garage to get the dust blown out?????
    Eeee---eeewwww you are a cruel man! Couldn't you just have just gently cleaned it with a PC hoover???
    Not surprised it is not working at all now!

    I think you might have been right about the laser not reading the info properly in the first place and it is quite possible this was due to dust, dirt and general minginess (I clean mine once a week!) preventing the 'eye' from picking up the info on the disc. A gentle....note how I said 'gentle', Worf!!... vacuuming would have been sufficient.
    Think you may have blown its brains out!
    scratches head and wonders how anyone can treat a PS2 in such a vicious manner!

    Best thing to do is to get it sent away....is it still under guarantee? If so, then just don't admit what you did because it will likely invalidate it and you will end up paying! If not, then just ring up the service centre and tell them what has happened!

    The number for both case scenarios will be in the back of any PS2 game manual!

    And Worf.....today is NOT a good day to die, not for PS2s!
  • :( Alas Lola I do believe you are right....A little tender care was in order for my poor machine...... -_-
    I never thought about just using a little vacumn cleaner on it.... I have blowned the dust out before and didn't have this problem ...
    I quess I should invest in a PS2 disc cleaner too!
    My warrenty has run out now so off to the shop it went yesterday.... boy, I hope it don't cost a arm and a leg to repair.
    They said it could take up to ten days to get it back....( as worf's eyes tears up...)
    Man this is going to be real hard to live without playing vice city.... :(
    More time on the PC I quess.......


  • My Ps2 was doing exactly the same, wouldnt load games, dvd's, psx games, and would only load once in a while . All u need to do is clean the little eye that reads the information off the disk. It only takes about an hour to do so. Follow these steps to get your ps2 back to normal.

    1.take off the cover. There are 8 screws you need to take out on the bottom(Be carefull when taking it off there is a little silver strip atatched to it for the reset button so dont pull it away set it off to the side).
    2.You will need to get into the place where the cd goes into, cause that is where the eye is. So to do that you need to take off another cover(its the cover that holds the cd in place not hard at all to find, it has 4 little screws you will need to remove), when that is removed you will see the little eye.
    3.To clean the eye(the eye is the little circle blueish looking thing in the middel of the black square that has the ps2 marking on it) you will need alcohol and Q-Tips, just put some alcohol on one side and tap it on the eye a few times get it a little wet, then with the other side of the Q-tip dry the eye.
    4. Put your ps2 back together and it will work like it just came out of the box.

    There are my steps to getting your ps2 back to its awsome form, i am so glad I did it to mine cause i was thinking on getting a new one. That saved me $200 :) well i hope u guys can fix your ps2 with my helpfull tips.


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  • WOW!!!
    Thanks for the tip psyprone, That makes since to me....I think I can handle taking it apart somewhat.... I have had some luck fixing some things like that. I hope I don't have to get a new one.....As it is I have been without my consule for 5 days now and I miss it so much
    I am going to call up Radio Shack and try to get it back before they try to fix it.....

    I'll let you know what happens...

    Thanks again bud! ;)

  • Its really not that hard at all, i bet thats what radio shack is going to do but take like 5 days doing it and make u pay. ;)
  • No DONT DO IT you're more than likely to cause more problems than you solve. If you even solve it. Leave that stuff to the experts cause PS2's are actually fairly delicate pieces of machinery as there are thousands of connections inside it and if even one is broken then say goodbye to your PS2 for a while and if you did open it up say goodbye to your warranty as well. I know about this cause I have an uncle who's into all that electrical engineering stuff. So please please PLEASE don't open up your PS2 it'll just cost you time, effort and ESPECIALLY money and it wont really sort anything.
  • calm down guy, the place hes looking to clean has 0 wires and connections all it is, is the little eye he needs to clean. Some ppl say just get a expert or a cd cleaner. Fist, if u go to the expert he going to do the same thing i told him(cause i used to work at Comp USA and watch many ps2 come in for this reason). Second, if u get a cd cleaner they dont work at all u have to do it your self or spend money on THE EXPERT which will waste your time and money. Pluse his warranty is up any how.

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