Latest firmware not letting me login to game servers
  • I am REALLY frustrated by this Sony Network. I have NEVER had a problem until today when I tried to play 3 different games online. MLB the show 09, COD4, and Socom Confrontation. I have never had a problem logging online to play. It's funny that I can log in to talk to people on my friends list and use the web browser to surf the web. But it will not let me log in to play multiplayer. It can't be my router because I've logged in countless times with no problems. It only happened after that lastest update 2.70
  • side note here: the network allowed me to d'load the software update for Socom Confrontation & MLB the Show 09. Once I finished d'loading the updates for the games, it won't let me login to the servers. That's really frustrating.