• the PS3 update 2.70 won't allow me to login to any of my games multiplayer function, so that I may play games online. This cannot be a coincidence. Before the update, I could login with ease. I can log into my friends list and chat with them and surf the web, but not mulitplayer on games. This can't be a router problem. It HAS to be on Sony's end. Have you heard of any one having this problem?
  • No, i have not heard of this happening to any one else. You may want to try updating the router's firmware in case it is some sort of incompatibility issue there.
  • The best-known issue with 2.70 is that some folks need to reactivate their systems on the PS Network. Once that is completed, everything else seems to be ok.

    The problem you are experiencing (based on what you posted), does indeed sound like a Firmware issue with your router. Update the Firmware and you should see this issue resolved.

    **There are also some early reports that consoles with Mod Chips in them become nonfunctional with this update. :)