X men origins: Wolverine help
  • So i got it today and when i went to load it it tells me that the HDMI can't connect. But the odd thing is when i load up other games with the HDMI like chronicals of riddick and ultimate ninja storm it works just fine. This is really annoying cuz i really wanna play the game. Anyone have any advice that might help me solve this?
  • Haven't had any problems with my HDMI during play of the game. Maybe you need to adjust your video settings to accomodate the game- if say, trying to force into 1080p by having that the only option checked this may not work on this game (native for all of them is 720p).
  • Cant seem to get past the tree branch in the first tower on the towering inferno objective. I jump to the tree branch off the rope and then cant go anywhere from there, please help...