yellow light of death
  • i was playing killzone 2 when suddenly my ps3 turned off and when trying to turn it back on it goes green then yellow and then red:( . I have a 60gb b/c model wat do i do?
  • Do you have the PS3 sitting in a somewhat wide open area? If not you should- it gives more room for the warm air it put out to go away. If already in an open area you may want to try cleaning the vents using a vacuum hose, might be some dust inside causing some extra heat.
  • it is in an open area i will try that vacuum hose idea.
  • i tried the vacuum hose idea didn't work:( any other suggestions
  • Unfortunately you will need to contact SONY...if it is still under warranty, they will take care of it. If not, they can still repair it for a cost of $150.00.
  • ya i have contaced sony and i bought my ps3 in australia but now live in malaysia and the sony in malaysia won't fix it bcause it's an australian ps3:( so now i am stuck with a broken ps3 and the only way to fix is to send it to someone in australia get them to fix it and then ask them to send it back. So is there any way i can fix it or should i just buy a new one
  • You would be just as far ahead to buy a new console, this time one from your own region. This way at least you will have the one year warranty to fall back on if something happens.
  • also do you know what causes ylod i read somewhere it is something with the motherboard is this true
  • It's usually caused by a bad blu-ray diode, if memory serves, along with overheating.
  • my ps3 also broken i turn it on, but then it turns off. and red light starts flashing. i cleaned vents and everything. i left it off for a day and its still not working?
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    It's usually caused by a bad blu-ray diode, if memory serves, along with overheating.

    what is blu-ray diode?
  • That is the main part of the blu-ray laser that reads the discs in the system.
  • i am probably buying a new ps3 is there any way for me to get the data from the hdd in the broken ps3 to the new ps3? thx
  • If you are able to get the PS3 to the main screen you can back up your game saves to a USB thumb drive. I would not worry about other data - the games will reinstall their mandatory data and your store purchases can be re-downloaded from the download list.
  • I have PS3 40GB which was purchased from Dubai.I had a problem with the Blu-ray Drive & had to get it replaced.This happend around 6 months ago. Now i have a new problem. My PS3 switches off after a minute with the red light blinking for 10 secs or so.I dont know wat to do.. Wat could the problem be?