• I have only just found this web site (which is really useful :D) and just before that I found out how to put the net on my ps3 after millions of attempts since xmas :(.

    I installed cod 4 and a load of other games and I was getting really frustrated cause i slaughtered sum guy online but he turned around and got me in two shots. 1st time i thought he was a cheater but then it hapened loads of times.

    I have a netgear router and need 2 sort out this lag. Please help :)

    P.S. Im not retarded just a bit slow please can u go through a basic step by step. Possibly a few screen shots if possible??

  • Not sure if there is much that can be done, to be honest. Part of it is the speed your internet provider can give- if you are using a cable broadband connection and a lot of people in your area are online as well this will cut down on what you can get (cable is a shared bandwidth connection).

    For now the best suggestion i have is to head to netgear's site and see if there is newer firmware for your particular router. This may help things a bit.