PS1 memory card issue, glitch in PS2 slim
  • I bought a third party PS1 memory card (my bad) to save progress on a PS1 game I play in my PS2. Game play was fine until I plugged in the PS1 card. Now, I get some pixelling glitches, as well as a ghost PS logo that never goes away. Thankfully it does not affect my PS2 games at all. I can play the PS1 game, but there is an annoying PS logo in the middle of the screen, even after removing the memory card. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Could a storage device corrupt my hard drive? Is there a way to reformat the PS2, taking it back to before this ever happened?? I have ordered a brand new Sony licensed PS1 memory card, but I'm afraid I have to fix this problem before I can use it, anyway :( Please help!
  • It sounds more like a problem with the game moreso than with the console or the memory card (though I never recommend third party). I would try cleaning the disc and making sure there are no scratches. Unfortunately, PSOne games were pretty easily scratched, so this very well could be the problem.