• help needed to find out how to find the last VB transfer in tony hawks pro skater 2 thenk u in advance hawks's player :D
  • I'm assuming you're talking about the 4 ones you are supposed to do in the "missions" on that level.
    Wich ones have you got this far?

    Here's how I usually go about it
    When you start the level, go right and follow the fence tuntil you get to the three quarterpipes lined up.
    You must take off from the one furthest to the right and air over the middle one to land on the one on the left.
    This is the hardest one of all and you need a good bit of warming up befor getting it. High speed and max out the gauge.

    After that keep following the fences near the beach, over the funbox and you will reach two quarterpipes facing you. I think the transfer is either to jump from one to the other or jump from the one next to them, over the roof. You know the place just try all sorts of transfers and you'll find it.

    Third transfer is the skinny transfer in the halfpipes built in the building were the bum is sleeping .

    Finally you need to go to the hidden area. I don't know if you found it but it's pretty easy. Behind the building you start out from is a small area (it is here you do the backslide on the awning). Jump from the higher platues small quarterpipe and land on the lower platues quarter pipe. :)

    My guess is you're having problems with the gigantic transfer I put down first.
    A good way to get it is to grind your way there via the fences you're facing at the start and the up on the roof edge. This should build up enough speed. Then you just need to practice getting the the right angle and kick off. It takes forever but once you got it you know how to do it.

    If you're into cheating yoou can turn on the "Moon physics" cheat and the jump is a piece of cake (but the other ones get harder to nail) ;)

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