Uk playstation's compatibility with us games
  • I'm trying to get hold of a PSone game, Allied General. The only place I can find it is in US online stores. If I buy it from a US store what are the chances of it being compatible with my UK PS2? Can anyone advise?

    If not what's the best place in the UK/ Europe to get hold of a relatively obscure game such as this?

    Any advice / ideas gratefully received.
  • Sorry to say,but the disk definitely would not work in your system due to the regional coding lock embedded in the games and also the different television standards.While there is a way around this it is definitely not recommended-see the topic pinned at the top of the forum about that.

    As to where you would find it,I tried a search on a UK game shop site and it didn't even come up.So,if it is actually available you may have to do some digging around the used games sections.
  • Try going into a gaming shop and asking if they can order it for you Might be worth a try
  • After i finally found it on a UK site, it turns out they won't ship it internationally. They won't ship outside of the US. I don't know why they would have that on a UK site but what can you say. Well, the best i can say is either check out some second hand shops around where you live and possibly ask some people if they've heard of it or if they can look it up or order it for you. Being an old game, it may not be available for order. You may fid it in the back corner of some game store. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup: