Guitar Hero, World tour
  • Hi folks, gotta love this game! I'm hooked LOL. I have been seeing this little crate looking thing over on the left side of one of the drop down menus, it has a blue airplane icon in a circle, and ever so often it will jump up and down. It didn't show up until just recently after we had finished a whole bunch of new gigs. Now I am one who will try everything I can think of to see if I can figure out such little goodies on my own, and usually with enough persistence, I do. However, unless standing on my head in a pan of water with live electrodes hooked to my ears will resolve this issue, I'm running out of safer things to try. So, anyone care to give me a better idea? It just might keep me from tring the head stand.
    Thanks, Guysplat.

    P.S. If I do try the head stand/water/electrodes, I will be sure to have one of our band memebers get a video clip so we can share the results with y'all.