• I was wondering what was the easiest (sp?) way to do this mission? I'm thinking tank but it's too slow am I wrong? :unsure:
  • By far the easiest way to get level 12 in the vigilante missions (and get 150 armour
  • i have done the vigalante mission with the hunter helicopter and did at least 12 hits or kills but i don't know where to bring the hunter back to.
    it tells me to return it but i've tried taking it back to the army base where i got it and i've also returned it to some police stations.

    could someone please tell me where to take it
  • ummm, would you please be able to rephrase the last question, cause i have absolutely no clue as to what you are talking about. I've never seen that message before. What do you mean by "where to bring the hunter back to"? If you mean so that you can get it again, dont worry, it always respawns where you originally found it.

    Yep, the Apache is by far the best to do Vigilante Missions with. Try to get used to the controls a bit first though, or do the Missions at the Airport. Thats the easiest place.
  • Wamp,

    The number of crims / vehicles you have to catch will increase with each level.

    Killing 12 crims does not mean you have completed level 12.

    For example, on level 3, you have to catch 3 criminals, on level 4, there are 4 criminals, etc, but on levels 5, 9, 13, and so forth, a new car to chase will be added because you cannot fit more than 4 people in any car ;)

    You will be told on screen when you have completed each level
  • I would have to respectfully disagree with other posters, and suggest using the Rhino to reach the higher vigilante levels.

    For one, you can obtain the Rhino MUCH earlier in the game, and have the benefit of additional armor during the more difficult missions later on.

    Yes, the Rhino is slow, and you are prone to getting busted by the cops should your wanted level go unchecked while wasting criminals in vigilante mode. However, you can go faster in the Rhino by using this technique: Pivot the turret so that it is facing a direction OPPOSITE to the direction you're travelling, and press fire repeatedly. With these short burst, you can accelerate more quickly WITHOUT using any cheat codes!

    This way, you can catch up to any vigilant you are pursuing more rapidly, and then ram him to smithereens! At one point , I had over 10 minutes remaining to complete some of the later missions! My record using the Rhino was vigilante mission level 25.

    On the downside, you still can't corner worth a sh!t in the Rhino, and it will tip over if you are not too careful. Fortunately, they can be stored away in garages if you need more than one to reach vigilante mission 12 or higher:)

    Good luck!
  • thanks for your help Steve. i didn't understand the level and kill difference. i was able to do it in the hunter.
  • i have found the hunter about 3 weeks ago, It's in the square area on the second map near the airport.btw i have gotten to vigilante level 86 which was really fun. (couse i was in the tank)
  • Wow! thanks for all the responses guys I'll try them today
  • Hi guys

    Just an update I have completed the Vigilante Mission with the Rhino. Again thanks for all the replies. They were very helpful.

  • i hate the tank, i always get pulled out and busted. The Hunter is much easier and definitely a lot more fun. I've been up to level 400 with over 300 minutes on the timer. The Hunter becomes semi-invincible after around 70 levels, just like the firetruck from GTA3.
  • I made mission level 162 in the Hunter, made 5.5 Billion $$. I had enough of it by then and packed it in. Level 400 you must have made a killing. I would have to say using the Hunter by the airport is the best way to pull off the Vig missions, and to make money.
  • I just got the Hunter and trying to control that chopper is just impossible. How many times did it take you guys to get the hang of it?