Playing Long Movies
  • What about long movies such as The Fellowship of the Rings? It cuts about half way and I have to restart from the begining of the nest scene. And when I do it will skip all the way the next scene. I don't understand what's happening. Is this normal? :unsure:
  • get a ps2 disc head cleaner I had the same problem and it fixed it for me :)
  • I noticed on the Fellowship DVDs a sticker that said the disc may not play properly on the PS2 (at least they had this on in Canada).That is possibly what you are running into.

    Do you have the latest DVD driver on your system (which can be had by getting the Sony DVD remote)?
  • Also, some dual layered DVDs are defective and some won't play straight through. You may want to try and exchange it for another and see if that fixes the problem. If that isn't it then it does sound like what Lyn or also maybe oondy has said in their posts. I know that some PS2 games that are on DVDs are dual layered and they've played fine. Most dual layered DVDs/games will go over to the next layer with what may look like a glitch in the movie and when this happens your system may read this as the end of the movie. A disk cleaner may or may not fix that problem though. Any DVD player that has progressive scan will scan ahead and basically it's like skip protection so you won't see any glitch or anything but i don't think that the PS2 is progressive scan. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Actually No I don't have the remote but it's not only LOTR I have the same problem with Star Wras Episode 2 and Gladiator
  • Ok,it's most likely the incompatibility issue I mentioned earlier that is causing problems.I'd suggest giving the remote a try (if you can,maybe borrow a friend's remote first to be sure before laying out the money).The driver itself will take up about 1/4 of the memory card space.Still,I found it a big improvement over the old programming (and it's just not the same using the controller to play movies :lol: ).
  • Ok, there's one question you should answer before getting the remote. What model PS2 do you own? If it's a 97000 then yes you will want to get the new drivers that come with the remote. If you have a 97001 or a 97004 then you already have the newest drivers so it won't help you to get the remote. If it isn't the drivers then see my last post to see what i think could help you. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Actually the Model Number is 35001
  • That is one of the earlier model numbers (the specs shown on Sony's site are updated for 39001 now).The way to check the driver info is to go into the menu screen (turn on the system with no disk in) and hit the triangle button-it will say there what version of DVD driver is there.The version on the disk with the remote is 2.10.
  • OK...Actually I went to the Sony store and they told me the same thing. Thank god for this web site or else I would've thought that they were trying a sales gimmic on me. :blink:

    Actually I haven't bought it yet but soon

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