Entering Codes For Ps2
  • i hear and see codes for ps2 games. but no one have told me how to enter them when playing games. are do you have to buy something to go alone with ps2. i had a gameshark code disc and card but it didn,t last long, had to many problems while useing it. do ps2 sell something like that. jprabbit : B)
  • There are 2 types of cheat codes:

    Some codes are in built to the game eg. Hold L1, R1 and press triangle, square, triangle. These can be used by following the appropriate directions e.g. press pause and enter the code or enter the code at the main menu screen. You should be given appropriate direction for such code usage along with the cheat itself.

  • Well I can tell you that if you do want one of that sort of thing then there's only one that I'd reccomend. It's called the Xploder 2 (I think) and it's specifically for the PS2. I saw it in a catalogue over here but you guys in America and that might not be able to get it or use it. However the best way to get something like that is to have a hunt round your local GAME shop (that's the new name for the old EB stores in case anyone hasn't found out yet) and see if you can find one. I've got an EB Redeemer cheat CD which can use Xploder, Xplorer, Gameshark and Action Replay codes. Thing is you have to be slightly wary of using codes for a game the first time around since I used to have FF7 and there were 2 sets of FF7 codes preloaded and I used the wrong set and this caused the game to crash at the train scene near the beginning of dics 1. To make sure of things like that check the name of the game the cheats are for. Take me the FF7 cheats I had used just said FF7 but there was a second set saying FF7 (UK) which were the better ones to use. Oh and don't trust all of the cheats for a game just because they're pre-loaded onto the CD. When trying out a new game with as yet unused cheats then if the game crashes restart everything and try out each cheat one by one. That's about all the advice I can give you except to only use the cheats if you're really really stuck or you've finished the game already. Otherwise you wont be getting the full enjoyment from the game and you'll start to rely too heavily on the cheats. Oh well see ya around and good luck getting a cheat CD if you want one (bye the bye the Xplorer is the ancient cartridge version of the Xploder cheat CD and was designed to fit into a prot at the back of the origional PSX's and was the one that caused the most problems. Thankfully the tech has improved a lot since then and the CD's rarely cause problems. Unless of course you use a bad cheat but that just makes the game crash or not work properly. So far I've never had a corrupted memcard with my Redeemer.).